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Waec 2024 English Language Objective , Oral And Theory Questions And Answers
By on May 16th, 2024. Waec



The writer’s plans for his son was to be beat in his class.

The writer’s was dissatisfied with his son’s performance because his son was not just trying hard enough

The writer had a broken home

The writer was maltreated by his step mother

The writer was optimistic about life

The writer enrolled his children in one of the best school

The writer gave his children proper upbringing

Noun phrase

It modifies the verb phrase “had spared”


(i) destroyed, truncated
(ii) Elaborately, flamboyantly
(iii) Well known, famous, renowned, prominent
(iv) Originated, came, pooped up
(v)Well trained, properly brought up, well raised
(vi) Thinking, reliving

(i)It has been discovered that more females now register for secondary and higher education than males
(ii)it seems that female students now excel better in their academics than males
(iii) More girls tend to show higher dedication to education

(i)Most higher positions in organizations might be held by women with needed academic qualifications
(ii)There could be dispute and confusion in the homes.
(iii)the female might use their position to their own advantage against the males .

Kings High School,
Ikeja, Lagos State.
P.M.B, 22245.
15th May, 2024

The Chairman,
Old Students’ Association,
Kings’s High School,
Ikeja, Lagos State.
Dear Sir,
On behalf of the entire student body and staff, I extend my sincerest gratitude for the magnificent ultra-modern hall your association has graciously donated to our school. This exceptional gesture has not only enhanced our school’s infrastructure but also boosted our morale and sense of community. The new hall has provided a state-of-the-art facility for our gatherings, events, and activities, and we are deeply thankful for your kindness and generosity.
However, as we celebrate this remarkable achievement, I respectfully bring to your attention three critical areas that require your continued support. Firstly, in upgrading our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) facilities to ensure we remain digitally competitive. Our current ICT infrastructure is outdated, and we urgently need modern computers, software, and internet connectivity to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Your support in this area would greatly enhance our academic performance and prepare us for the challenges of the digital age.
In addition, we require your assistance in renovating our sports facilities to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among students. Our sports facilities are in a deplorable state, and we need modern equipment, surfaces, and infrastructure to encourage students to engage in physical activities, develop their talents, and maintain their physical and mental well-being. Your support in this area would not only improve our physical health but also foster teamwork, discipline, and school spirit.
Thirdly, we need your support in establishing a functional guidance and counseling unit to support students’ emotional and academic well-being. Our school lacks a dedicated guidance and counseling department, and many students struggle with academic and personal issues without adequate support. Your assistance in establishing a guidance and counseling unit would provide students with the necessary resources and support to navigate their academic and personal challenges, and ensure their overall well-being.
Furthermore, we believe that your continued support and partnership are crucial to our academic success and personal growth. Your association has been a pillar of strength and support to our school, and we appreciate your unwavering commitment to our progress. We eagerly anticipate your continued partnership in shaping our academic journey and molding us into responsible citizens of Nigeria.
Once again, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your kindness and generosity. Your donation of the ultra-modern hall has brought joy and excitement to our school community, and we are deeply thankful for your contribution to our academic and personal growth. Thank you once again for your kindness and generosity.
Yours sincerely,
Igwe Emeka
Senior Prefect, Kings High School.

Write a story that ends with the statement: I was mistaken to have thought the night would be like other peaceful nights

In the rolling hills of a quiet countryside, where the stars often sparkled with a clarity that city dwellers could only dream of, there lay a small, sleepy village. This village, known for its tranquility and the harmonious lives of its inhabitants, was the kind of place where everyone knew each other’s names and stories. Among its residents was an old man named Elliott, a retired schoolteacher who had spent most of his life exploring the mysteries of literature rather than the unpredictability of the outside world.

Elliott lived in a quaint little cottage at the edge of the village, bordered by dense woods that whispered secrets with the wind. He had a routine that he followed religiously every day, which concluded with him sitting by his fireplace, reading a book, and occasionally glancing out the window to admire the moon’s serene glow.

One evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden farewell to the day, Elliott felt a peculiar unease. It was a feeling he couldn’t quite place, an unsettling whisper in his heart that suggested this night might not be as peaceful as the ones before. He tried to dismiss the feeling, attributing it to the chilling breeze that had accompanied the sunset or perhaps the somber novel he had been reading.

As night enveloped the village, Elliott settled into his favorite armchair by the fireplace. The flames danced lively in the hearth, casting playful shadows around the room. Outside, the crickets sang their usual nocturnal hymns, and the wind carried the earthy scent of pine and damp soil. It all seemed perfectly normal, and Elliott chuckled quietly to himself for feeling uneasy earlier.

Hours ticked by, and the village clock tower chimed midnight. It was then that Elliott heard it—a soft, almost imperceptible rustling outside his cottage. Assuming it was just a fox or a stray cat, he didn’t pay much mind. But the rustling grew louder, closer, accompanied by faint whispers that seemed to echo through the trees.

Curiosity overcoming his initial hesitation, Elliott stood up and walked over to the window. Peering out, he saw nothing but the dense shadows that the moonlight couldn’t penetrate. The rustling stopped, and the whispers faded, leaving behind a heavy silence that seemed to weigh on the very air.

Feeling a chill creep up his spine, Elliott was about to turn away when he saw them—shadows moving within shadows, forms that were human yet not quite human, drifting towards his cottage. His heart raced as he realized that these were no ordinary village folk out for a late-night stroll, but something otherworldly, something he had only read about in the gothic tales of his youth.

He quickly retreated from the window, his mind racing for a logical explanation, but found none. The shadows crept closer, and the whispers grew into murmurs. Just as Elliott braced for the worst, the village’s old church bell began to chime, a sound that was not scheduled but deeply welcomed. The ringing seemed to pierce the night, and the shadows halted their advance.

As mysteriously as they had appeared, the shadows receded, melting back into the woods, leaving Elliott standing in his living room, heart pounding, and mind reeling. He spent the rest of the night by his window, watching and waiting, but the shadows did not return.

When dawn finally broke, painting the sky in hues of pink and gold, Elliott stepped outside his cottage, the events of the night replaying in his mind. The village was waking up, unaware of the darkness that had lurked at its edges. Elliott looked around at the peaceful morning unfolding before him, realizing how fragile this peace was. I was mistaken to have thought the night would be like other peaceful nights.

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