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Waec 2024 Animal Husbandry Practical Questions And Answers
By on June 5th, 2024. Waec


C. Guinea grass – Panicum maximum
D. Elephant grass – Pennisetum purpureum
E. Centrosema – Centrosema pubescens
F. Calopo – Calopogonium mucunoides

(i)High protein content: Centrosema is a legume that fixes nitrogen, making it a valuable addition to pastures, providing a natural source of protein for livestock.
(ii)Drought tolerance: Centrosema is relatively drought-tolerant, making it a suitable choice for pastures in areas with limited rainfall.
(iii)Palatability: Centrosema is a palatable forage crop, meaning it is readily consumed by livestock, improving their overall nutrition and productivity.
(iv)Weed suppression: Centrosema can outcompete weeds, reducing the need for herbicides and improving the overall health and productivity of the pasture.

-Harvesting: Cut the forage crop (e.g., maize, grass, or legumes) at the appropriate stage of maturity.
-Wilting: Allow the cut forage to wilt for a few hours to reduce its moisture content.
-Chopping: Chop the wilted forage into smaller pieces to facilitate fermentation.
-Mixing: Mix the chopped forage with other ingredients (e.g., molasses, salt) to create a uniform blend.
-Filling: Fill a silo or storage container with the mixture, ensuring it is tightly packed to exclude air.
-Compaction: Use a machine or manual compaction to remove any air pockets and ensure the mixture is densely packed.
-Sealing: Seal the silo or container to prevent air from entering and spoiling the silage.
-Fermentation: Allow the mixture to ferment for several weeks or months, depending on the desired level of fermentation.
-Feeding: Once the silage has fermented, it is ready to be fed to livestock.

(i) Meat (beef, pork, lamb, etc.)
(ii) Dairy products (milk, cheese, butter, etc.)

(i)Overfeeding or excessive energy intake
(ii)Genetic predisposition or breeding for fast growth
(iii)Lack of exercise or physical activity

(i)Contamination of the meat with bile, leading to an unpleasant flavor and aroma
(ii)Discoloration of the meat, making it less appealing to consumers

Spec K;
(i)To provide a place for birds to eat their feed
Spec M:
(i)To provide a source of water for birds to drink

(3d) Two ways to maintain each of poultry feed trough and poultry drinker:

Spec K:
(i)Regular cleaning to prevent feed spoilage and bacterial growth
(ii)Refilling with fresh feed to ensure constant availability

Spec M:
(i)Regular cleaning to prevent water contamination and bacterial growth
(ii)Refilling with fresh water to ensure constant availability

(i)Groundwater (wells, boreholes, etc.)
(ii)Surface water (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.)



(i) Regular deworming
(ii) Proper sanitation and hygiene
(iii) Avoiding feeding uncooked or contaminated food
(iv) Treating infected animals promptly
(v) Rotating pastures to prevent re-infestation
(vi) Inspecting and managing intermediate hosts (e.g., control of fleas and lice)

(i) Weight loss
(ii) Diarrhea
(iii) Abdominal pain
(iv) Nutrient deficiency

(i) It is used in bedding and insulation
(ii) It is used as fashion accessories and clothing
(iii) It serves as craft and decorative items
(iv) It is used as writing instruments (quills)
(v) It is used in religious and cultural ceremonies
(vi) It is used as stuffing for pillows and mattresses
(vii) It is helpful in scientific research and educational purposes

(i) It is used for collecting and removing manure
(ii) It is used for spreading manure as fertilizer
(iii) It helps in maintaining clean and hygienic animal housing
(iv) It helps in preventing the spread of diseases
(v) It helps in enhancing pasture and soil quality through manure management

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