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Waec 2023 Chemistry Practical Questions And Answers
By on May 17th, 2023. Waec



TEST; C + distilled water + shake

OBSERVATIONS; It dissolves to give a colourless or clear solution

INFERENCE; Soluble salt suspected

TEST; Solution C + litmus paper

OBSERVATIONS; It has no effect on both blue and red litmus paper

INFERENCE; Neutral solution

TEST; solution C + Fehling solution A and B + heat

OBSERVATIONS; It gives a black red colour

INFERENCE; Reading agent confirmed

TEST; D + heat

OBSERVATIONS; It turns yellow on heating and white on cooling

INFERENCE; ZnO is present

TEST; D + dilute Hcl + heat

OBSERVATIONS; It dissolves completely to give a clear or colourless solution

INFERENCE; Solution chlorides of Zn³+, Al³+ is present

TEST; Solution D + NaOH in drops and then in excess

OBSERVATIONS; It gives white gelatinous precipitate. The precipitate is soluble in excess.

INFERENCE; Al³+, Zn²+ present.
Al³+, Zn²+ present .

TEST; Solution D + NH3 in drops and then in excess

OBSERVATIONS; It gives white gelatinous precipitate. The precipitate is soluble in excess NH3

INFERENCE; Al³+, Zn²+ is present.
Zn²+ confirmed.


– Formation of a precipitate; Sodium hydroxide reacts with lead nitrate to form lead(ii) hydroxide as a precipitate.
Pb(NO3)2 + 2NaOH –> Pb(OH)2 + 2NaNO3

– Cloudiness or opacity; As the lead(ii) hydroxide precipitate forms, the solution may become cloudy or opaque due to the presence of the solid particles suspended in the liquid

– Formation of precipitate; Iron(iii) Fe(OH)3 is insoluble in water and appears as a reddish brown precipitate.
– Colour change; Colour change form yellowish to reddish brown

– Obtain a small amount of benzoic acid
– Prepare a melting point apparatus
– Fill the capillary tube with the sample of benzoic acid powder
– Insert the capillary tube unit the melting point apparatus
– Begin heating the temperature is increased at a slow rate you allow pressure observation of the melting point
– Observe the melting point
– Repeat the process to ensure accuracy
– Record the melting point




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