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Waec 2023 Agricultural Science Objective And Theory Questions And Answers
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(iv) Red lesions on the heads chest,forelegs and ridges

(i) Tuberculosis
(viii) Rinder pest

(ii) Isolation if infected animal
(iii) Good sanitation
(v) Vaccination
(vii) Good sanitation
(viii) Vaccination
(ix) Restrict infected animals movement

(i)To lays lots of eggs
(ii) It produce chemical scents that help regulate the unity of the colony

(i)They feed the queen
(ii)They help in making the wax

(i) They aid the decompositions
(ii) To prevent pollution
(iii) It makes the action of the bacteria rapid
(iv) To Prevent interference by rain or sun
(v) To retain moisture and reduce odour

(i)Preparation of Planting Site
(ii)Stem Cutting Selection and Preparation
(iii)Planting the Stem Cuttings
(iv)Watering and Mulching

(i)Food Consumption
(ii)Animal Feed
(iii)Industrial Applications

Expected number of yam plants = Number of planting spots per hectare * Total area of the farmland
Expected number of yam plants = 10,000 * 1.5 = 15,000
Therefore, the expected number of yam plants on the 1.5 hectares of farmland would be 15,000 plants.

Total weight = Expected number of yam plants * Average weight of each yam tuber
Total weight = 15,000 * 3.5 kg = 52,500 kg
Therefore, the total weight of the yam tubers harvested on the 1.5 hectares of farmland would be 52,500 kilograms (or 52.5 metric tons).

diet refers to the overall composition and combination of feeds and ingredients that an animal consumes over a certain period. It encompasses the entire range of foods and nutrients consumed by the animal WHILE A ration, on the other hand, is a specific amount or quantity of feed that is provided to an animal during a single feeding event or within a specific time period, typically a day.

Agricultural ecology involves studying the interactions between agriculture and the environment, focusing on ecological processes and impacts.

An ecosystem, refers to a community of organisms and their interactions within a specific area, encompassing both living and non-living components.

(i) Crop
(ii)Live stock

(i) Soil
(iii) Water

(i)Ensure ventilation.
(ii) Guard against pests.
(iii) Keep bags elevated.
(iv) Maintain cleanliness.
(v) Follow FIFO system.

(i) Petunias
(ii) Marigolds
(iii) Begonias
(iv) Geraniums


Through feeds

(i) Wilting
(ii) Stunting

(i)Biology control
(ii)Chemical control

Fertilizer application
(i)Increases yield of crops
(ii) Increases nutrient level of soil
(iii) Increases growth of crops

Clean clearing
(i) Keeps diseases away from soil
(ii) Prevent soil erosion
(iii) Increase quality of crops

(i) Destroy soils structure
(ii) Causes erosion
(iii) Causes leaching

(i) Crop production
(ii) Game reserve
(iii) Livestock production

(i)Credit in agricultural finance involves the provision of loans that must be repaid by borrowers, while subsidies are grants or direct payments provided by the government to support specific agricultural objectives without the requirement of repayment.

(ii)Credit is a situation whereby sellers allow buyers to take possession of goods and services and pay later while subsidy is a situation whereby part of the money a buyer is meant to pay for good is paid for by the government

(i) Fertilizer
(ii) Seeds
(iii) Manure
(iv) Machines
(v) Labour

(i) Paint the body of the tractor
(ii) The old fan belt must be replaced with a new one
(iii) All the movable parts must be lubricated to reduce friction
(iv) Adjust the break when necessary
(v) Replace oil filter with the new one

(i) Do not over use
(ii) Ensure it is operated by a skilled personnel
(iii) Ensure it is properly serviced
(iv) Always check the water level eg tractor
(v) Ensure proper routine check


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