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Waec 2022 Data Processing Obj & Theory Answers
By on May 19th, 2022. Waec


(i)Open a blank word document
(ii)On the top, click on insert
(iii)Click the table button
(iv)Click on insert table
(v)Go to number of columns band enter 4
(vi)Goto number of rows and enter 6
(vii)click ok

(i)Select the text you want to use as a hyperlink
(ii) click the insert tab
(iii)Click on hyperlink
(iv)Enter the web address and click ok

I = Alignment to the left
II = It centers a text
III = It Align text to the right
IV= It Align text to both right and left margins
V = change the spacing between lines of text

– Click on the start menu
– Go to All programme
– Move to Microsoft office
– Click Microsoft Access
– Click on blank database, then enter the file name
– Click create

– In the Home tab, in the view Group, click Design View
– Enter the table name and click OK
– Enter the field names provided and their data type and description
– Click save

ID number – Number
Full name – Text
Date of birth – Text
Age – Number
Home address – Text

ID – Number

It uniquely identifies each rows of a table

(i) Select
(ii) Update
(iii) Delete

Select column – Name
Information _Schema.Columna
Tabel_Student = ‘Table_Student’

Database is An organized, collection of similar/related data/information for easy search and retrieval

(ii)Microsoft Access
(iii)Microsoft SQL Server

(i)painting packages.
(ii)drawing packages.

(i)MS Paint
(ii)PC Paintbrush
(iii)Adobe Photoshop

A presentation package is a software program that contains a text editor and the ability to add charts and graphic images, such as photographs, clip art, or other objects so as to make a slide show for the purpose of communicating visually to an audience.

[Pick any two]
(i) Canva
(ii) Slides
(iii) Haiku Deck
(iv) Slidedog
(v) Powtoon

[Pick any three]
(i) Opening and closing phrases
(ii) Audibility of voice and words
(iii) Bring out the meaning
(iv) Simplicity
(v) Use of quotations

(i) Click the Find & Select button on the Home tab.
(ii) Select Replace. Press Ctrl + H
(iii) Type the text you want to replace in the Find what box.
(iv) Type the replacement text in the Replace with box.
(v) Click the Find Next button. The first instance is selected.
(vi) Click Close when you’re finished

Information Transmission is the process of sending out processed data from one person or place to another in a meaningful form through a communication medium.

Internet; The Internet is a globally-connected network of computers that enables people to share information and communicate with each other. WHILE Intranet; it is a local or restricted network that enables people to store, organize, and share information within an organization

LAN; It is a network that covers a small geographical area such as homes, offices, and groups of buildings. WHILE WAN; It is a network that covers larger geographical areas that can span the globe.

(iii) wireless access point (WAP)
(iv) router

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