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Waec 2022 Civic Education Objective And Theory Questions And Answers
By on May 25th, 2022. Waec


Human rights simply means the absolute natural rights and privileges enjoyed by the citizens of any given state which are usually outlined by the constitution of the state.

(i) Being detained by law for an offence committed
(ii) During wars, a person’s right can be violated
(iii) During a curfew
(iv) When a citizen has a contagious or an infectious disease.

(i) To guarantee the liberty of citizens: It guarantees a total safeguard of human right, peace and unity in the society as the constitution is a body of laws and principles through which a state is ruled

(ii) To make sure the rights of citizens are not violated: Laws that are not written in the constitution are unknown to law, they cannot be exercised or sanctioned when violated.

(iii) To punish violators: The written form of human right gives room for a provision of a section for punishment of an offender or someone who infringed on someone’s right.

(i)Express Love and Affection.
(ii)Communicate Effectively.
(iii)Manage Your Own Stress.
(iv)Maintain a Good Relationship With Your Child’s Other Parent.
(v)Teach Responsibility.

(i)Reduction In Crime
(ii)Responsible Citizens
(iii)Harmonious Co-existence in Home
(iv)Disciplined Society
(v)Obedient Students, Youths And Staff

(i)Provisions of higher education
(ii)Provisions of technical and vocational education
(iii)Provisions of special scholarship program
(iv)Increase budgetary allocation for education
(v)Making grant available for business development

(i)To promote national unity
(ii)To inculcate the discipline and spirit of patriotism in the youth for national development
(iii)To contribute to the accelerated growth of the national economy
(iv)To live and work in any part of Nigeria
(v)To make skills available to areas of need in any part of Nigeria

Pro-democracy demonstration definition: A demonstration is a march or gathering which people take part in to show their.

labor group is an organization that engages in collective bargaining with an employer to protect workers’ .

Professional group is an association that is formed to further the interests of people engaged in a specific profession

Religious groups bring people together for regular ritual interactions, and these interactions take place in defined settings controlled by religious movements

Student Group means a number of persons who are associated with a school and each other, but who have not registered

(i)Negative or poor attitude to work: Civil servants are known to display poor attitude to work due to inadequate salaries, poor working conditions and absence of job security.

(ii) Bureaucracy: Civil servants follow precedents and adhere strictly to official rules when carrying out decisions and policies of government.

(iii)Political instability:
Continuous change of government brings along a change of political appointees like ministers, commissioners and career top civil servants such as the head of service and sometimes the directors-general.

(iv)Political interference: The intervention of the government in the day-to-day administration of the civil service does not give the civil servants the necessary freedom to carry out government policies effectively.

(v)Duplication of offices and position: The civil service is often criticized for wasting financial and manpower resources, and retaining unproductive workers with the creation of ministries, departments and positions with similar functions.

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