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Waec 2022 Catering Craft Practice Objective And Theory Questions And Answers
By on May 20th, 2022. Waec


(i)Create Strict Rules for Discrepancies; As the restaurant owner, you can choose what happens when discrepancies are found while balancing the cash register.
(ii)Perform Regular Cash Drops; How much money you have in your cash drawer may vary depending on your restaurant’s cash volumes.
(iii)Track Your Cash Movements; Any time your cash is moved, from the manager’s hands to the cashiers’ hands, from the registers to the vault, from the vault to the bank, its movements should be tracked.
(iv)Utilize Modern Technology; Unfortunately, the restaurant industry is fraught with cash handling inefficiencies and risks. But many of these challenges can be reduced with the use of cash management technology.
(v)Separate Cash Management Duties; It’s a good idea to divide cash management activities among a few trusted employees. These activities include collecting cash, recording receipts, and reviewing transactions.
(vi)Limit Cash Handling Employees; The fewer people who handle your restaurant’s money, the better. Hiring trustworthy supervisors to handle the more sensitive cash handling activities is an important step towards effective cash management.

(i)Physical stamina; Effective restaurant supervisor can work on their feet for long periods of time and balance multiple physically demanding jobs, from helping out in the kitchen to bussing tables.

(ii)Upbeat attitude; The supervisor demeanor sets the tone for employee behavior and impacts diner happiness.

(iv)Frying pan
(v)Tin cutter
(viii)Cube making machine

(i)Bread knife: Bread knife is used for slicing foods eg bread,cakes,tomatoes,soft meant etc

(ii)Palette knife – it is used for lifting, turning, scrapping and spreading.

(iii)Butcher knife: Butcher knife is an heavy knife used by butchers for hacking through bones. It gets close to the meat and cuts it away

(iv)Filleting knife: it is used for filleting fish . The knife should be flexible and move easily between the flash and bone of the fish

[Pick any two]
(i) Small Birds
(ii) Game proper
(iii) Big game

(i) Small Bird – Quail
(ii) Game proper – Goose

(i) American
(ii) Mediterranean
(iii) English
(iv) Asiatic

Check-in is the process whereby people announce their arrival at an office, hotel, airport, hospital, seaport or event.

A reservation is therefore is a bilateral contract between a hotel and a guest, according to which the hotel must provide the specified room type to the guest and the guest must agree to pay all relevant charges.

Forecasting is a tool to help owners anticipate future business performance based on a range of factors.

A Guest who arrives at a hotel without a reservation.

(i) Antiseptic Wipes
(ii) Bandages

A first aider is someone who is qualified to give first aid treatment in the event of an injury or illness

(i) Hose pipe
(ii) Flamezorb
(iii) Fire extinguisher
(iv) Fire Sprinklers

(i) Expiry date must be checked
(ii) You should consider the price as against its equivalent fresh food
(iii)Packet and bottled much be checked
(iv) Tinned beverage must be properly inspected for dent and rust
(v)Inspect all beverages to avoid food poisoning and contamination

(i)wine : wine is a fermented juice from grape and is available as sparking,red,rose and white
(ii) Spirits: spirits are distillation of fermented sugar liquids or syrups
(iii)Cider: cider is fermented apple juice
(iv)Perry: Perry is fermented pear juice

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