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UNIZIK Post Utme Calculation Formula for 2023/2024 Screening
By on October 21st, 2023. Education guide

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK), a renowned institution in Anambra State, Nigeria, has recently shared essential information regarding the upcoming 2023/2024 Post-UTME admissions screening exercise. This update promises to make the admissions process more transparent and systematic for all aspiring students.

How Will the Admissions Screening Exercise be Conducted?

The university community and the general public should be aware that the Post-UTME, Direct Entry and other relevant screening exercises for the 2023/2024 academic session will utilise an automated O’ level and UTME results grading system. It signifies a move towards a more objective and streamlined approach to selecting the most qualified candidates.

Are There Specific Guidelines for Prospective Students?

Indeed! Candidates must keep the following crucial points in mind:

  1. All applications should be directed to JAMB accredited CBT centres/JAMB offices to upload their O’ level results.
  2. It’s imperative to upload results to the JAMB CAPS Portal to be considered for the 2023/2024 admission exercise.
  3. Avoid using non-JAMB accredited cyber cafes for uploads to maintain the integrity of your data.

What’s the Calculative Approach for UTME Candidates?

Transparency is key in any admissions process. For the 2023/2024 admissions exercise, UNIZIK has elucidated the calculation formula:

How Will the Scores be Broken Down?

  • RATIO: 70% will be based on the UTME score, and the remaining 30% will focus on the O’level subject score. This translates to: UTME (70/100 = 0.7) and O’level (30/100 = 0.3).
  • O’LEVEL RESULTS SCORES: Each grade has a specific value: A1= 90, B2= 80, B3= 70, C4= 60, C5= 55, C6= 50, D7, E8 & F9=0.

What Should Candidates Note for Their O’level Subjects?

For every student, the O’level subjects they will be scored on are those they sat for in UTME. For instance, if a student took English, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics in UTME, these subjects’ O’level results will be crucial for their final score calculation.

Any Bonus Points on the Horizon?

Absolutely! Candidates who sat for all their O’level subjects in one go will receive a bonus of 10 points. However, if a candidate took their exams in two sittings, no bonus will be awarded.

So, How is the Final Score Calculated?

Here’s the formula: Final score = (UTME score * 0.7) + [(O’level score + Bonus) * 0.3].

Can You Illustrate This with an Example?

Sure! Consider a student who achieved 280 in UTME and has the O’level results as illustrated:

  • English: 66 (Grade: A1 = 90 points)
  • Mathematics: 78 (Grade: B3 = 70 points)
  • Physics: 70 (Grade: B3 = 70 points)
  • Chemistry: 66 (Grade: C5 = 55 points)

Total UTME Score: 280, Total O’level Score: 285

For a single sitting: Final Score = (280 * 0.7) + [(285 + 10) * 0.3] = 196 + 88.5 = 284.5

For two sittings: Final Score = (280 * 0.7) + (285 * 0.3) = 196 + 85.5 = 281.5

It’s evident that there’s a difference of 3 points between the scores of candidates based on their sittings, reinforcing the advantage of a single sitting.

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