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UNIDEL update to students on Mandatory Medical Test
By on January 19th, 2024. All school news

As you embark on your academic journey at the University of Delta (UNIDEL), Agbor, it is crucial to understand the importance of health and safety within the university community. UNIDEL management has raised concerns over a significant number of students who have yet to complete their mandatory medical tests. These tests are essential for the University Medical Services to have the necessary medical information to handle any emergencies effectively.

UNIDEL AlertLarge number of students haven’t completed medical tests
Test ImportanceVital for handling emergencies, includes X-Ray, Genotype, etc.
Deadline SetTwo-week period: January 15 – January 31, 2024
New StudentsNo Matriculation Numbers without completing tests
Test TypesMandatory tests include Urinalysis, vital signs, etc.
Health RiskNeglect may lead to severe consequences in emergencies
Academic ImpactTest completion linked to academic processes
Action RequiredUrgent need for all students to undergo tests

The Importance of Medical Tests for UNIDEL Students

  • Emergency Preparedness: In case of illness, medical personnel rely on basic medical information such as X-Ray, Genotype, Urinalysis, and other vital signs to provide appropriate care.
  • Prevention of Unfortunate Outcomes: Accurate medical data is crucial for handling emergencies, which can prevent unfortunate and potentially life-threatening situations.

University Management’s Directive on Medical Tests

In a meeting held on Tuesday, 9th January 2024, the University Management expressed serious concern regarding this issue. Consequently, a two-week period, from Monday 15th January to Wednesday 31st January 2024, has been allocated for all students (both returning and new) who have not yet completed their medical tests to do so.

Specific Instructions for New Students:

  • Matriculation Number Contingency: New students will not receive their Matriculation Numbers unless they undergo these medical tests and have proper medical files opened.

Action Required by All UNIDEL Students

  1. Check Your Medical Test Status: Determine if you have completed all the prescribed medical tests.
  2. Schedule Your Tests Immediately: If you haven’t done so, schedule and undertake the tests within the specified two-week window.
  3. For New Students: Understand that completing these tests is a prerequisite for receiving your Matriculation Number.


Your health and safety are paramount to the University of Delta. Completing these medical tests is not just a requirement but a critical step in ensuring that you have a safe and healthy academic experience at UNIDEL. Let’s work together to create a safer campus for everyone.

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