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Pass Jamb 2023 With Only Past Questions?
By on September 25th, 2022. Jamb

Can I pass Jamb by studying past questions alone? This is another philosophical question asked by Jamb candidates all over Nigeria. Since it is a philosophical question, let’s try to provide a philosophical answer.

The belief that you can pass or cannot pass Jamb by studying Jamb past questions alone is that of scepticism. That is to say, we cannot totally accept it neither can we totally reject it. It all depends on the quality of the Past questions and answers plus the capacity of the reader.

For some, they have a very strong background in O-level courses. This can be traced to the quality of secondary school they attended. With a question pack and solution bank, they can find their way out. I had friends who never read textbooks for some courses. Yet they do very well. If you are in this category then you can pass Jamb by studying only past questions.

On the other hand, others need a good textbook to explain to them what the past question is talking about. This is what we call, “studying along with past questions”. This method helps reveal the dark spot in your textbook. You may as well seek the assistance of a teacher or attend good lecture houses around.

Now that you have read the philosophical answers, hear the conclusion of the whole matter. You can be a very good scholar. However, the best method to study for Jamb and score very high is to study along with past questions. You may not pass Jamb using on Past Questions.

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