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NITDA/Google Scholarship for Cohort 3 now in progress
By on January 27th, 2024. Education guide

NITDA (National Information Technology Development Agency) in collaboration with Coursera is pleased to announce Cohort 3 of the NITDA/Google Scholarship program. This initiative aims to empower Nigerian citizens by providing them with the opportunity to acquire professional certifications from renowned multinational tech companies, such as Meta, Google, and IBM, as well as leading US universities.

Program Structure

1. Categories of Certification Programs:

Category A (IT Career Pathway): Offers 20 professional certification programs designed to kickstart a successful IT career. Each program consists of a series of interrelated courses, providing in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills essential for employment. Upon completion of individual courses, participants will receive certificates of completion. The professional certification will be earned upon completing all required courses within the program.

  – Category B (Complementary Skills Pathway): Provides 4 certification programs to complement IT career skills. Participants can choose programs focusing on digital productivity tools, entrepreneurship, or freelancing skills.

2. Selection Process:

   – Applicants are required to select one certification program from both Category A and Category B during the application process.

3. Application Details:

   – Interested individuals can access program information and read about professional certifications through the attached program links.

4. Scholarship Benefits:

   – Successful applicants will receive a Coursera license via email, presented in the form of a joining link.

   – The Coursera license will be valid for a duration of six (6) months, during which scholars are expected to complete as many professional certifications as possible.

5. Enrollment Procedure:

   – Scholars can enroll in their chosen programs by clicking on the provided Coursera joining link.

   – Participants can only be enrolled in one certification at a time from the list of 3MTT (3 Months to Top) 12 core skills, including Software Development, UI/UX Design, Data Analysis & Visualization, Quality Assurance, Product Management, Animation, AI/Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Game Development, Cloud Computing, Dev Ops, and Data Science.

6. Program Duration:

   – Each scholar will have a six-month access period to the Coursera license, during which they are encouraged to maximize their learning opportunities.

This scholarship program aligns with NITDA’s commitment to fostering IT education and empowering individuals to thrive in the evolving tech landscape. Successful candidates will gain valuable skills and certifications to enhance their professional journey.

Click here to apply.

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