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Jot Down While Reading
By on September 24th, 2022. Education guide

It is one thing to read for Jamb and another thing to read effectively. Good Jamb reading involves Jotting Points with special Notes. Jot Points correctly with this guide.

It’s cool that you have realised the importance of studying with a good jotter. Now, You may also be wondering how to jot down points while studying. Simply follow the steps I am about to share with you below:

1. Read The Note Or Textbook

Pick the note, textbook or past questions you want to study for that day. Go through the book in details; and not like you are reading a novel. Reading with full concentration helps you figure hidden messages.

2. Try To Recall What You Have Read

After every page, cover the textbook or whatever you’re reading. Check if you are able to recall anything from the topic. If you are not getting anything from the topic, read it again and again.

3. Take Note Of The Important Points

Not everything is important or worth taking note of. Not every message is easy to forget in a book. Take note of the key points and likely examination questions on the page you are reading. If you have gone through Jamb past questions before reading any subject, you will be more likely to predict what Jamb would set.

4. Take Note Of Volatile Points

Now, there are things you could easily forget. Examples are mathematical formulas, period tables and terminologies. Just mark the volatile part of the topic and jot them down.

5. Jot Down Points As You Study

This is the most important part. You have noted the important points and as well understood that you would likely forget some parts of the topic easily. Your best bet is to then Put down the important points and the ones you are very likely to forget.

Keep your jotting simple and straight forward. Jotting is different from copying notes. Don’t just duplicate the whole book. Keep your jottings simple and straight to the point. Jot the way you will remember when going through them in the future.

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