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How To Score Above 250 In Jamb 2023
By on September 24th, 2022. All school news

A Score above 250 in Jamb 2023 is very good.  How do I score 250 to 300 In Jamb? This is the Hot Cake Question I shall attempt in this article.

Now, you don’t need to kill yourself trying to score 400. A Jamb score between 250 and 300 is enough for you to gain admission into any University or Polytechnic of your choice

Follow the steps below to score 250+ in Jamb 2023. Pass Jamb and get ready for Post UTME

1. Start Reading Now

What you do weeks to  Jamb will be a deciding factor on your score. Many students ask me the question, when should I start reading for jamb? Start reading immediately you realise that you are writing Jamb. The next best time to start preparing is now. 

It is never too early to begin studying for UTME. You don’t just expect to cover everything overnight.

The earlier you start studying, the more time you have to cover many topics and the higher your chance of scoring between 250 and 300 in Jamb.

2. Work More On Your Weaknesses

Everyone has weaknesses. Shying away from your weakness is not the best; face it. Students tend not to study the subjects or topics they don’t like. The more you don’t study it, the more difficult it seems.

If you don’t face your weaknesses, they will hunt you and affect your Jamb score tremendously. Don’t be scared of Mathematics, Physics, Accounting, Economics, Chemistry or Biology.

Pick up the books and study. If you have questions, feel free to ask those who know it. Your best bet to pass any exam is constant practice.

3. Use Jamb Syllabus 

Never you neglect Jamb syllabus for all subjects.  All questions and recommended text books are there in your syllabus.

The Jamb syllabus ensure you don’t read out of point.

4. Study Past Questions 

The only Jamb jamb expo you can find handy is Jamb past questions. Past questions gives you an inch about how your own questions will be like.

Jamb has ran out of questions so they fall back to repeat questions or twist the ones they have already set. I will advice you to study past questions.

Study as many questions as possible.

5. Use Recommended Text Books

Jamb normally list some recommended text books at the end of the syllabus. However, it is not compulsory that you must get the books Jamb recommended.

There are many good textbooks you can get around. You are allowed to get as many books as possible to study for Jamb.

6. Have A Mentor

As your prepare for Jamb 2023, you need to have someone that you look up to. Motivation is a very important factor in any examination.

Your mentor should be those who have written Jamb and did well in their time. Meet time from time to time for assistance and advice. They have a way of helping you do very well.

7. Start Studying For Long

Gone are the days when you study for one hour and feel that you have achieved. High score in Jamb doesn’t just come except by studies and meditation.

It is high time you disciplined yourself in place of study. The lowest you should be studying a day for your exam is three hours. Anything below that should not be encouraged.

8. Test Yourself Regularly

Studying for long hours is not enough. Nobody is after how long you study. People are only after how much you know. You can study for long hours without gaining much. Your best bet after studying is to test yourself.

Test could be in different forms. After reading a topic, you could close the book and try to check how much you can recall.

You can set questions for yourself and try to attempt it without checking your books. Put yourself in the exam condition and so on.

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