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Get Jamb Score Of 300 In 3 Months
By on September 26th, 2022. Jamb

You are the one who determines your Jamb score in 2023. Whatever you do from today adds or removes marks from your Jamb Score.

Can I Score 300 to 380 in 2023 Jamb With Less Than Three Months of Reading? Yes, you can score 300 and above with approximately three months of study.

Scoring very high in Jamb is not all about how long you study but how effective you study. It is not about how many hours you study a day but all about the things you learnt in your place of study.

Your Jamb score is not a function of how long you study. This is why those you study more than can score higher than you. Jamb questions are different from Waec questions based on depth. Waec tests your understanding of the topic but Jamb tests how deep you understand the topic. Every line and every English in Jamb questions matter.

To ensure you understand what you studied, test yourself with Jamb past questions. Scoring 300 in Jamb 2023 within three months of study has everything to do with how many topics you are able to understand very well.

Another factor you should settle is family and work factor. Settle the fact that you need time to study for Jamb with your parents or guardians. If your job is not giving you time to read for jamb at all, then you must choose between your work and Jamb. That is the bitter truth.

Jamb questions are difference from Waec questions based on depth

In addition to everything I have shared above, the following are the steps to score 300 and above in Jamb with less than three months of reading:

  1. Have a consistent study timetable
  2. Don’t skip your reading time for any activity less important than Jamb
  3. Register with a good tutorial centre for one month in addition to your personal reading time.
  4. Compare what you learn at tutorial centre to how much you gain when you study at home.
  5. If you find lecture centres helpful, continue, else, don’t pay for another month.
  6. If possible, get reading partners and see if it works for you.

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