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Choosing A First Choice Course And Institution
By on September 24th, 2022. Jamb

Choosing a First Choice Course and First Choice Institution requires wisdom. This is what I’m here to share with you. The best guide on choosing a study course and school before Jamb Registration.

Having graduated from secondary school, you have decided to further your education. This is a very wonderful decision. Education is not a handset but an asset. It is good that you have chosen an asset over a handset.

Preparing for Jamb examination, two things come to mind and you need Jamb guide to take the right decision:

  • Which course should I choose as a first choice course?
  • Which University should I fill as my first choice institution of study?

Institution of choice

Jamb Guide On Choice Of Course

Choosing a course to study at any university or polytechnic in Nigeria? Below are factors you should consider:

1. Your Passion

In every action, passion should come first. Passion is the first thing to consider before choosing a course to study at the University. What course do you really like to study and what gives you joy most?

Choose a course that you have dreamt to study. This will enable you to channel your effort towards making it a reality. My dear, what is your passion?

2. Balance Your Strength And Weakness

Before choosing a course, it is good you check the subject combinations for the course. If you are one of those who have completely given up on mathematics and other major calculation courses, you should not consider applying to study Engineering.

However, if you have accepted to understand the subjects that give you a tough time as relates to your choice of course by all means, then you may want to give it a try.

3. Don’t Pick A course Because Of Friends

Do you say, “my friend is studying Medicine, therefore, I will study Medicine too”. Be careful of unhealthy comparison. Life is not to compete but to complete.

Don’t study a course because you think it is hot cake or your friends are putting you under pressure to do so. It will always backfire. Choose what you want and stick to it. It is better to face the challenge that comes with what you want to to face the stress of what wasn’t in your initial plan.

4. Parental Influence

I don’t want to study law but my parents are forcing me to do so. If this is your problem, then you are not alone. Many parents have chosen to enforce study course on their kids. This is not the right thing.

The question is, if your parents ask you to study a course you do not have passion for, are they the ones that will write the examinations for you? Try to talk to them.

Jamb Guide on Choice of Institution

What are the best universities to study in Nigeria? You like to ask this question. However, the best university in Nigeria may not be the best for you. Let’s see Jambclass guide on choosing a preferred institution below:

1. Your First Love

When I talk about your first love, I mean your dream institution right from childhood. Nothing makes you more productive in school than gaining admission to study your desired course in the desired University.

Mine was the University of Benin (And I studied my Engineering there). Your dream University is?

2. Quality of Teaching

Choose a University that has good teaching standard. Staff strength matters in choosing a tertiary institution of study. It is good to consider the practical exposure of the students at the University. Most Federal schools in Nigeria are a good choice.

3. Financial Constraint

We all like to study at MIT and other World standard institutions. But considering our financial strength or that of our parents/guardian, there are sometimes limitations. Your best bet is to choose a University that is still OK and affordable.

4. Employment

Are the students of the University employable at all? What is the employment rate of graduates? Think about these things so you don’t make mistakes choosing a course of study.

5. Certificate

Is the certificate offered by the institution respected in the country? If yes, you can go ahead. Besides that, are you proud of the school?

Jamb Series Part 14: Guide On Choosing A First Choice Course & Institution. Hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Picking a course and Institution is a very critical decision you must take. Do not mess things up. Choose wisely.

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